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Moving boxes

Safely pack up your belongings and protect them during the moving process.

Below are our range of moving boxes. You can buy them at all Shurgard locations.

Small box

15 kr - 10 boxes for 99 kr

Small box
  • Suitable for videos/DVDs/CDs, household items, books, tools and other smaller heavy items
  • Individual fragile items when used with bubblewrap/wrapping paper
  • Tape required to secure box
  • 35 x 27 x 33 cm

Medium box

23 kr

Medium box
  • Suitable for medium-weight items such as kitchen utensils, clothing, toys etc.
  • Glass dividers can be used with this box
  • Tape required to secure box
  • 55 x 35 x 33 cm

Medium box extra strong

35 kr - 10 boxes for 299 kr

Medium extra strong box
  • Suitable for heavier items
  • Highest quality moving and storage box (tough & durable), reinforced cardboard
  • No tape required so convenient to open and close
  • 55 x 35 x 33 cm

Large box

39 kr

Large box
  • Perfect box for linen, sheets, towels and clothing – multi purpose
  • Ideal for other larger items
  • Tape required to secure box
  • 46 x 46 x 45 cm

Wardrobe box

99 kr

Wardrobe box
  • Save time when packing up your clothing, and keep it wrinkle free, by keeping items on the hanger
  • Room at the bottom of the box for other items e.g blankets, shirts
  • Comes with hanger bar and has handles for easy lifting.
  • Tape required to secure box
  • 50 x 44.2 x 100 cm

Glass divider

29 kr

Glass divider
  • Ideal for protecting cups, glasses or fragile items
  • To be used with the medium box
  • Pack contains 2 sheets & 2 dividers - box not included
  • 1 pack takes a maximum of 48 glasses or 24 bottles of wine
  • 55 x 35 x 15.8 cm

Buy moving boxes and packing supplies at any Shurgard location below

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